Brickweb Thin Brick

About Brickweb

About Brickweb


Fast - Simple - Genuine Clay Thin Brick Installation

Brickweb™ Thin Brick allows you to become the Mason!

​Brickwb is already pre-mounted and aligned on webbed sheeting ready for quick and easy do-it-yourself installation.

Brickweb gives you a quicker, simpler way to install brick. Using uniquely cut, real kiln-fired clay brick to give you the traditional masonry look that can be installed anywhere, adding comfort and class to your home interior or exterior.


Flat sheets and corner sheets now available!



Brickweb™ Thin Brick is as easy to install as tile. It does not require any special structural support and is ideal for interior or exterior projects.


Simply apply adhesive and press on the webbed sheets for perfect brick alignment every time.


You can now have the comfort and class of real brick in any part of your home including:


  • interior/exterior walls
  • kitchen/bath backsplashs
  • hallways
  • fireplaces
  • full or partial exterior siding
  • chimney
  • accent walls
  • kitchen islands
  • pillars

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Brickweb® Thin Brick?
Brickweb is a patented thin brick product made from the highest quality real, cut, kiln-fired clay brick. A full piece of brick is cut to approximately ½ inch thick. Several bricks are pre-mounted on a fiberglass mesh with the brick already laid out and aligned for quick and easy installation.

Brickweb is available in pre-assembled flat sheets and corner sheets, with 12 color blends to choose from. The primary 8 color blends are made from tumbled brick, having a classic old world, aged, or weathered look and feel. The 4 other color blends are commonly known as straight brick, and are made from the same brick but are not tumbled and provide a more uniform (flat and straight) appearance with less color and texture variation.

How do I install Brickweb Thin Brick?​
Brickweb is quick and easy to install. It is similar to installing tile.

There are 4 simple steps to follow:​
1. Apply adhesive to substrate (wall, surface, etc.) using a 1/4 inch notch trawl.
2. Begin the layout process by applying Brickweb outer corner sheets first. Press on each brick firmly allowing the adhesive to penetrate through the webbing onto the brick.
3. Next, apply Brickweb flat sheets. Overlap brick onto the exposed webbing and space evenly. Press each brick firmly into the adhesive. Allow to set for approximately 24 hours.
4. Apply grout using a grout bag or tile grout float. Once the grout is stiff to the touch (but not dry), finish grout using a tool and/or wet sponge smoothing grout lines and removing excess grout.

For installation diagram and a YouTube video click here:

What Type of Adhesive Should I Use To Adhere the Brickweb?​
• For an interior application over a substrate such as drywall (painted or unpainted), you can use a standard tile mastic. It is usually white and comes premixed in a bucket and can be purchased from your local hardware store in the tile department.
• For an interior application over a substrate such as cement, backer-board, or other like surfaces, use a tile thin-set adhesive. Thin-set adhesive is sold in a powder form and requires water and thorough mixing using a drill and mixing drill bit. Thin-set can be purchased from your local hardware store in the tile department.
• For an exterior application over a substrate such as cement, backer-board or other like surfaces, use a tile tin-set adhesive. Thin-set adhesive is sold in a powder form and requires water and thorough mixing using a drill and mixing drill bit. Thin-set can be purchased from your local hardware store in the tile department. Some hardware stores also sell a pre-mixed tile thin-set.
• Do not use tile mastic or thin-set adhesive to adhere Brickweb directly to a wooden surface. It is best to fasten backer-board or apply a scratch coat first, then use a tile thin-set adhesive as described above.
• Typical brick mortar such as type S or type N is not recommended to adhere Brickweb, it is too thick and will not press through the webbing reaching the brick.

How Many Square Feet Will Brickweb Cover?​
Brickweb flat sheets are a rectangular shape with dimensions of 28"W x 10.5"H. There are 12 bricks mounted per sheet covering 1.7 sq. ft. There are 5 flat sheets per box which will cover a total of 8.7 sq. ft.

*Tip - To calculate your square footage, measure the length and height and times them by one another. (i.e. a wall 10 ft long and 8 ft high = 80 sq. ft.)

Brickweb corner sheets are formed at a 90 degree angle with dimensions of 21"H x 15"W. There are 8 corner bricks per sheet which covers 1.76 Lineal ft. There are 3 corner sheets per box which will cover a total of 5.3 Lineal ft.

*Tip - To calculate your Lineal ft., measure the height or distance of a corner (i.e. measure from floor to ceiling).

What Is the Actual Size of the Individual Brick?​
Brickweb Thin Bricks are a standard or modular size. Each individual flat brick is 2-1/4"H x 7-5/8"W x 1/2"Thick. Brickweb corner bricks are 2-1/4"H x 7-5/8"W x 3-5/8"L x 1/2"Thick.

How Do I Cut Brickweb?​
You can easily cut Brickweb by using a standard tile saw or simple diamond bit hand grinder.


Can I Remove a Piece of Brick From the Webbed Sheet?​
The thin brick is glued onto the fiberglass mesh. You can easily remove single brick from the webbed sheeting by simply pulling them off. You may need to do this for individual brick cutting or custom brick placement. The Brickweb fiberglass mesh can be cut using a utility knife or heavy duty scissors.

​What Should I Do for Inside Corners?
Inside corners do not require corner brick. Simply cut the flat brick to size and grout the inside corner.

Can I Paint Brickweb?​
You can paint the Brickweb by first using a primer such as "Kills" and then apply the paint you want.

Can I Apply a Sealant To Brickweb?​
You can apply a sealant to Brickweb. By applying a "flat" standard brick or cement sealant for projects such as back splashes etc., it will make the brick and grout easier to clean. Please keep in mind that it may affect the brick color (may darken) so try a small sample before applying it to your entire project.

Where Can I Buy Brickweb?​
Brickweb can be found at many local building supply stores. All Lowe's and Home Depot stores sell Brickweb through special order at their Pro-Services or Commercial Sales Departments.

Go to our Dealer Locator on our website to find a dealer near you. You might want to call before going into a dealer to make sure they know about Brickweb or if they have brick sample boards, brochures, etc.


You can also purchase Brickweb through the Amazon Webstore by clicking here.


What Structural Support Is Needed for Brickweb?​
There is no additional support needed for Brickweb. Brickweb Thin brick is lightweight and the average wall will support Brickweb.